Activities at the Hawaii Islands

The magnificent Hawaii Islands are blessed with abundant natural beauty and plenty of year round sunshine. This makes Hawaii an excellent place to take part in a wide range of outdoor activities. The area is also known for its richly diverse culture, and traditional music and dance performances are regularly held here.

People who have a strong sense of adventure are sure to enjoy the experience of trekking through the jungle. Special eco tours are organised by companies on most of the main islands and take visitors deep into the jungle to discover the vast range of flora and fauna that can be found there. Day treks offer a little taster of what these areas have to offer, while visitors who have plenty of time to spare can embark on a longer trip and spend the night camping in a traditional village or underneath the dense canopy of trees.

People who want to get a real feel for the beauty of the Hawaii Islands can take a helicopter tour of the area. This is sure to appeal to anyone who has a head for heights, and thrill seekers can ride in open compartments with the doors open to feel the full ecstasy of the experience.

The views are simply stunning from the top of the lofty dormant volcanoes on the main islands. While the going may be a little tough at times it is more than made up for by the sense of achievement that visitors are sure to feel when they make it all the way to the top. Make sure you take you camera along as this is an experience that you will want to remember forever.

Of course, sunbathing is also a popular activity among visitors to Hawaii. The beaches here boast picture perfect powdery white sand and are lapped with cool, clear water. Visitors will want to spend plenty of time working on the perfect all over golden tan, while water sports enthusiasts are really spoilt for choice in this part of the world. Windsurfing is particularly popular here, while snorkelling nd scuba diving offer visitors the chance to glimpse at the aquatic world of Hawaii and discover a whole host of colourful marine life.

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