Scene at Hawaii: Gay and Lesbians

Gay and lesbian tourists travelling to Hawaii are unlikely to encounter any problems during their stay at these stunning islands. The Hawaiians are welcoming of all visitors and tourism is considered a vital industry for the local economy. This article will explore the gay scene in Hawaii and what it has to offer.

Our Favorite: Venus Nightclub, Honolulu

The Aloha spirit is what makes Hawaii such a liberal and open-minded place for gay and lesbian visitors to spend a holiday. From the exotic beaches to the towering mountain peaks, Hawaii is a wonderful place to escape the hectic pace of modern life.

Despite the failure to legalise same-sex marriage in the state, the local government grants same-sex couples the vast majority of the rights afford to married couples. There does appear to be a greater tolerance towards gay rights in Hawaii compared with other US states, which is probably a result of the islands‘ diverse population. Unlike most of the major cities in the mainland United States, Hawaii’s gay community is not as segregated and appears to be less anonymous or centralised.

However, the main hub of gay scene at Hawaii is situated on Oahu island, predominantly at the resort of Waikiki. Traditionally, most of the gay and lesbian venues were located along Kuhio Avenue before moving to Kapahulu Avenue in recent years. One of the most famous venues is the Hula’s Bar and Le, which is now on the second floor of the prestigious Waikiki Grand Hotel. Meanwhile, the Queen’s Surf Beach and the Diamond Head Beach, both close to Waikiki, are considered to be the most gay friendly beaches on the islands.

Another popular area of the gay scene at Hawaii is Maui, which has a well known nudist beach. This island also has a large gay and lesbian community in the Kihei district and the second largest gay and lesbian population in Hawaii. Maui also boasts plenty of gay and lesbian friendly accommodation and services providing special commitment ceremonies. This island has also been voted as one of the most beautiful Hawaiian islands and is noted for its breathtaking cliffs and beautiful forests.

All in all, thanks to its warm and open culture, Hawaii is an excellent destination for gay and lesbian travellers. The islands‘ stunning natural environment and captivating cultural life continue to attract millions of tourists each year.

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